jacquelineshyde: Husband material Steven Hyde likeTakes you to dances, even when he hates…


Husband material Steven Hyde like

  • Takes you to dances, even when he hates dancing
  • Also learns how to dance for you *cringes a little*
  • Comforts you even when crying people makes him uncomfortable
  • Will defend you from his friends, no matter what they may think
  • Better than you at cooking
  • Better than you at baking too
  • Knows more than you and your grandma about house chores
  • Also will repair stuff without you having to tell him to
  • Likes sleeping in comfy sheets and nice scent candles
  • Will dress up as you wish if you ask nicely
  • Hits the shit out of assholes who wants to take adventage of you, included assholes dressed as dogs
  • Takes you to tematic parks
  • Also will do basically anything you want if asked nicely
  • Supports your career more than he supports his own
  • Will put his comfort over yours any time
  • Gives you his favorite shirt because you are his chick
  • Happily takes you to things that interests him to spend the day with you
  • Also happily buys you food 
  • and knows how you like your food
  • Talks to you on the phone even when he doesn’t want to
  • Touchy af
  • Gives you secret cute nicknames
  • Likes being called cute nicknames
  • It’s probably the bomb in bed