cometcrystal: here’s mh character instagrams (instaGRIMS) since i keep seeing incorrect…


here’s mh character instagrams (instaGRIMS) since i keep seeing incorrect edits


  • pictures of watzit
  • pictures of her friends, almost none of herself
  • progress pics of whatever she and/or her dad’s working on
  • facebook mom inspirational quotes w/ stock images of teddy bears


  • makeup tutorials, the kind w/ music played over them but it’s funny bc she doesn’t show up on camera so the makeup just floats
  • mostly just a few aesthetic pictures but she largely uses her account to like her friend’s posts


  • DIY fashion videos
  • pics of things she’s designed
  • killer selfies
  • the occasional collab selfie w/ cleo, taken in the mh girls bathroom at 7:55am before classes begin


  • just pics of sunsets and waves and sand
  • once she starts dating rochelle, pics of them having beach dates
  • gets a gopro and posts swimming videos


  • has the most followers by FAR. by a RIDICULOUS margin. every mummy family is kinda famous in a kardashian manner, so she has a ton of followers
  • selfies. selfies. jewelry haul. more selfies. selfie w deuce. another selfie
  • random picture of hissette in between selfies


  • made an account and forgot about it. still hasn’t changed her icon from the default


  • has posted like 3 or 4 pictures of his own
  • 1 selfie of him and cleo and the quality is awful bc he has an android, 1 picture of his skateboard
  • mostly uses his for liking cleo’s pictures and leaving sweet comments on them
  • he has more followers than he should because cleo has him linked in her bio


  • samples from new songs he’s making
  • deep artsy selfies taken in low light and his hair glowing
  • videos of him and frankie dancing to stuff. the camera never focuses bc he is, dancing


  • multiple pics of new goreleans every time she visits, which is often
  • aesthetic pics of her and holt’s jam sessions
  • artsy pics of her and her guitar


  • doesn’t have an account for personal use, uses hers for the ghostly gossip


  • one picture is posted and it’s one she took too close and posted on accident and didn’t care enough to take it down. she deleted the app because “It take unnecessary space. Abbey need more space for games.”